About Rocky Bottom Fisheries

Our Story and How We’re Working to Protect the Maine Lobster Industry

Inspired by a love for the ocean and passion for preserving the Maine lobster industry, Rocky Bottom Fisheries was founded in 2019 by Eric and Kate-Lyn Knight.

Eric became a second-generation fisherman at the young age of 12 when he started hauling 150 traps by hand along the shores of Cape Elizabeth in the summers. He has grown into a year-round fisherman primarily targeting lobster (hauling 800 traps), bluefin tuna, and scallops.

Kate-Lyn is no stranger to the Maine lobster industry as she managed marine conferences and events across the United States. She received the nickname Bait Slayer while spending many days and nights on the Wild Duck with her husband Eric commercially fishing bluefin tuna.

When Eric eventually outgrew his 40-foot Wedgeport Novi named the Wild Duck. Instead of selling the Wild Duck, Eric and his wife Kate-Lyn saw the potential to enhance the value of the day in the life of a lobsterman by using the Wild Duck as a demonstration vessel. From there, the Wild Duck was converted into a passenger boat, Kate-Lyn left her corporate job, and Rocky Bottom Fisheries was born.

While Kate-Lyn runs lobster tours, sunset cruises, and private boat tours in Portland, Eric actively fishes out of his custom-built 44 Calvin Beal named after their daughter, Ivy Jean. Both vessels are docked at Luke’s Lobster Portland Pier. This location is crucial to providing sustainability of the working waterfront because it allows commercial fishermen to coexist with a buy station, a restaurant, and the general public.

Preserving A Generational Industry

The lobster industry has a long and rich history in the state of Maine, and we’re working hard to sustain it so generations can continue to fish for many years to come!.

Since 2019, Rocky Bottom Fisheries has been committed to providing a one-of-a-kind experience showcasing the art of catching lobsters while educating visitors from all over the world. These tours encompass a day in the life of a lobsterman from pulling traps to setting traps, all while enjoying the scenic views of many historical landmarks in Casco Bay.

About The Knight Family

Eric and Kate-Lyn built Rocky Bottom Fisheries just after their first child was born and since then, they have added a little boy to their family, alongside a chocolate lab.

The Knights both grew up just outside of Portland where they spent most of their childhood on the water, whether that be out fishing or surfing at the beach.

While they have a deep love for the ocean, in their off time, they love to be with their children creating lasting memories. From neighborhood walks to beach trips, to skiing in the winter – the Knights cherish their time spent with family and friends.

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