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Meet the Vessels Behind Our Maine Lobster Tours!

Fishing vessels have always played an essential role in the maritime history of Maine. They’ve weathered storms, carried generations of fishermen, and brought in millions of pounds of seafood to support the Maine economy. Our state is also known for its boat-building industry, which plays a strong role in our economy and provides thousands of jobs to Mainers. In modern times, Maine’s fishing vessels continue to carry on the fishing industry, ensuring fresh and sustainable seafood reaches your table. Keep reading to learn more about Rocky Bottom’s passenger and commercial vessels!

Meet F/V The Wild Duck

Passenger Vessel Used For Maine Lobster Tours

The Wild Duck is a vital member of our fleet with a unique past. Built in 1998, she initially served as Eric’s 40-foot offshore lobster boat. Known for its distinctive features, Wedge port Novi vessels like the Wild Duck are renowned for their spaciousness and sturdy design, providing exceptional stability even in challenging weather.

This vessel has been remodeled as a comfortable passenger vessel and can hold 12 passengers. The Wild Duck is completely approved by the Coast Guard and equipped with inshore and offshore safety equipment, including a life raft, EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon), life jackets, life rings, VHF radio, and a satellite phone. All permits and licenses are diligently maintained to ensure safe and legal operations.

Today, the Wild Duck has transformed into a passenger vessel, offering Maine lobster tours, sunset cruises, and private charters.

Experience the charm and authenticity of Maine’s maritime heritage aboard the Wild Duck!

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Meet F/V Ivy Jean

Rocky Bottom Fisheries Commercial Vessel

The Ivy Jean is a 44′ custom-built Calvin Beal offshore fishing vessel. Calvin Beal Boats are made by SW Boatworks, a famous boat builder known for their high-quality custom boats in Downeast Maine.

This vessel is equipped with inshore and offshore safety equipment including a life raft, EPIRB, life jackets, life ring, VHF radio, and satellite phone. The Coast Guard completely approves this vessel with all permits and licenses up to date. The Ivy Jean and its crew fish a variety of species consisting of; lobster, scallop, tuna, halibut, and pogie (bait fish). This commercial vessel is a go-getter of a boat with a top-notch crew!

Please note that the Ivy Jean is dedicated entirely to commercial fishing and is not available for Maine lobster tours, sunset cruises, or private tours.

However, we can ship fresh scallops and lobster directly off the Ivy Jean and right to your door!

Coming Soon

Meet F/V The Jackpot

The FV Jackpot is a 45′ Young Brothers, originally built in 1986 strictly for fishing charters in Plymouth Massachusetts; owned and operated by one family. In 2023, the Knight family purchased the vessel to add to their fleet of fishing boats. The vessel was previously named something different, but after the purchase, the Knights renamed the vessel FV Jackpot after their son, Jack, and Pot referring to lobster traps. It felt like a very humbling move buying from one family to another and keeping the boat in service. The vessel will be going through some major transitions to upgrade its potential as a charter boat. The FV Jackpot will hold a higher capacity of passengers allowing for larger parties to rent the boat. The vessel will be used for lobster demonstrations, sunset cruises, private charters, and special events.

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